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You need to get permission in advance to gain entry to this private museum.

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Agam Kuan now owns the tag of being auspicious with unlimited powers.

Jalan Museum is located near the banks of River Ganges.

The building, which was damaged in an earthquake in 1934, was transformed into a beautiful museum.

The collections in the museum sum up to nearly 10000 objects from various parts of the world.

, the Mauryan king, Agam Kuan has many legends associated with it.

With a depth of 105 ft and perimeter of over 20 feet, the well was constructed by Ashoka to torture people.The wonderful collections of the museum include Jain images, Buddhist sculptures, paintings belonging to British Empire and Chinese art. The most famous collection is the life-size statue of Fly Whisk-Bearer, which dates back to 3rd century BC. The statue has been acknowledged as an extraordinary specimen that stands proof of architectural brilliance of the period.Yet another possession is the remains of Buddha in the Buddha Relic Casket.Some of the animals found here include tigers, white tigers, hippopotamus, lions, monkeys and many more.The place is a delight for bird watchers as a wide range of birds are seen here.The architecture bears resemblance of the Stupa style.

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