Over accomodating for fat people

Janos found Vilma dead two days later and buried her in Hungary. “There were only two women in my life — my mother, who I lived with for 23 years, and Vilma, who I lived with for 33 years,” Janos said.

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Soltesz on its flight, and despite a determined good-faith effort by Delta in Prague, we were also physically unable to board her on our aircraft,” said Delta spokesman Russel Cason.

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“This absolutely contributed to the cause of her death,” Ronai said.

“They managed to get her over there and were obligated to get her home.” In Prague, Delta staff told the couple the airline’s plastic wheelchair couldn’t hold her weight, Janos said.

But the couple, both natives of Hungary, were told Vilma couldn’t be accommodated by KLM after they boarded the jet home, Janos said.

“They tried to fit her into the back of the plane, but they didn’t have an extension to secure her,” Janos, 56, said.

A sickly, obese Bronx woman was left stranded in Hungary then died from kidney failure after airline officials booted her from three New York-bound flights because she was too fat, her husband says.

“All we wanted was to come back home to get her treatment,” said a grieving Janos Soltesz, a Staten Island Ferry security guard whose 56-year-old wife, Vilma, died in Hungary nine days after she was kicked off the first of three jets.

Vilma, who weighed about 425 pounds, had only one leg and used a wheelchair.

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