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Brian has over 20 years experience in the IT industry and has focused on Contact Management, CRM and Collaboration systems for the last 14 years.During this time Brian and his staff have been involved in over 200 direct CRM project implementations covering 7 different products.

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Most users tend to use their Outlook folders as discrete elements, i.e.

because it is fairly cumbersome for users to link one item to another, (e.g. Thus it is difficult for users in a company to get an overall picture of all the activity occurring within the organisation against any particular company or contact.

But synchronizing this data to and from a SQL Server database overcomes these disadvantages and maximizes the strengths of both platforms.

go to top of page This article was written by Brian Drury, founder of Exchange Wise ( and the architect of MX-Contact ( a CRM, Contact Management and Sales Automation System for Microsoft Outlook.

The universal objective of any CRM system however, is to provide a “single-view of all customer-related information to everyone in the organisation".

As will be seen later, this limitation can be overcome automatically by synchronizing your Outlook Contact and E-Mail data to a relational database like SQL Server.

We also discuss the pros (and cons) of utilising Outlook as a front-end client versus your SQL application client, as well as the advantages of using SQL Server as a back-end database rather than Exchange Server Public Folders.

Hierarchical, non-Relational Database The primary disadvantage of Outlook as a database is that it is a hierarchical rather than a relational database.

On the other hand Outlook users may be updating Public Folder information which must be constantly synchronized back to a SQL database.

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