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Are you interested in a long-term relationship possibly leading to marriage?Do you want a casual relationship that you navigate gently, hoping for a slow burn to love?For a base price of 5, she and a duo of part-time employees will redesign a profile. She founded Fern a year ago, after meeting with a career counselor, and business has grown since, thanks to word of mouth and positive Google and Yelp reviews.

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“It’s everyone because everyone is online dating,” she explains.

While there are no marriages or Fern babies on the horizon yet, customers appear satisfied with better-quality matches.

You leave the situation pissed off because of their lack of honesty.

You wish you could meet an online fairy godmother to deliver you to the Land of online Oz.

Atlas is all about quality, and having access to people that you’re not having access to on Match or e Harmony.” TO READ MORE STORIES FROM OUR SEX & TECH PACKAGE, CLICK HERE Too tender for Tinder? As founder of the startup, Radafshar won’t necessarily find your lifelong mate, but she will make navigating and succeeding in the online dating world easier. She will help craft messages and responses to potential dates. Radafshar will personally sift through hundreds of profiles, curating half a dozen or so possibilities.

Fern helps singles of all ages put their best digital face forward. “Our mission is ‘No bad dates.’”Radafshar offers an a la carte menu of services to singles looking to cut through the cluttered world of online profiles. Formerly a social media specialist with Nike, Radafshar spent the last decade giving this service away to friends and family for free.

If you're over a certain age, you're usually between old school and new school when it comes to online dating.

Some of you communicate on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for connecting.

Sullivan expects to take that concept to the next level in March 2017 with the launch of Love Atlas, a smartphone app that will let high-income, low-free-time singles outsource the hunt for a mate to professional matchmakers.

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