Oregon law on minors dating Adult chat site in bengali

But if your "girl" sends you any nude photos SHE can be charged with child pornography possession as much as you. It must not have because here's this guy's story: That was in 2014 and also stated this: That's what a new law is supposed to change.

WHY is it that so many adults seem to think it is okay to text or carry on online sexual communications with minors??? And, then, when it comes back to bite them, they are shocked, surprised, and dismayed???

A little common sense, and some If you simply talk to her and she sends you a photo of her that is not sexual in nature, as stated, there's nothing illegal. You can't find anyone your own age who is an adult? Oh and I hope you aren't having sex with her because Oregon's age of consent is 18.

So if I was you I would consider not just your future but your "girl's" future.

Because if she sends you a photo she can get in trouble too.

This provision allows partners who are close in age, or both under the Oregon age of consent, to engage in consensual sex without fear of prosecution under Oregon age of consent regulations.

For more information, read about close-in-age exemptions.Oregon predatory sex offender information can also be accessed through the National Sex Offender Public Registry at .Some counties maintain a public web site which lists high risk, predatory offenders currently under supervision by Community Corrections. There are a total of eleven states have set their age of consent at 18 years old, the highest legal age of consent in any state.Oregon has a 3-year close-in-age exception to the age of consent, so the perpetrator cannot be prosecited if he is less then 3 years older then the minor.Depending on the charges, conviction can carry penalties ranging from one to fifty years in prison and registration as a sex offender .

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