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Ahmadis believe that although Community elders cast their votes, it is actually God who directs them to choose each successor.In broad terms, you can think of the Ahmadi Muslim The official website of the Community defers to a more general claim of a “membership exceeding tens of millions”.As such, when a verse is cited with both Ahmadi and non-Ahmadi sources, you’ll often see this off-by-one discrepancy.

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Both of these prominent translations use the word . Many Sunnis (and Shias, for that matter) are raised with translations that use the word ‘last’.

Hence, such orthodox Muslims brush off Ahmadi claims of the possibility of non-law-bearing, prophethood as “clearly” a belief with no credence in establishment Islam.

It is a denomination within Islam that claims to fulfill Islamic prophecy regarding the return of the Messiah in Latter Day times.

Founded in Qadian Adherents believe that the khalifa is a divinely guided spiritual leader elected by men.

Ahmadi theology is careful to point out that in their doctrine, this prophethood is that of a subservient, .

Translations by orthodox Sunni Muslims Pickthall in 1930, and Yusuf Ali in 1934-1938 are regarded as more authentic and less controversial than newer translations.As readers of my blog will know, I was previously a devoutly practicing Muslim; born and raised within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.In my youth, I would study the nuanced doctrinal differences between There’s a lot of ground to cover, so at times, I will defer to articles and videos that explore this material, serving as your curator.Other passages will reverse these roles between subsets of my readership.I do not attempt to serve anyone’s narrative with this article; only the data and claims as I understand them. This also applies to any other self-identifying Muslim group referred to.As history has shown us, intra-faith sectarian squabbles and killing over doctrinal differences seems to be an inevitable byproduct of religious diversity.

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