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The other child was aged five, and was made available to the offender by her father whom the offender had met in an internet chat room.In 2004, a child pornography website, located in Belarus, was taken down by an international task force, involving the Australian Federal Police and the Australian High Tech Crime Centre under the codename Operation Auxin.

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By employing robust victim identification strategies that effectively identify and locate child victims then their offenders can be found and prosecuted.

One such operation involved the police taking over and running a dark web network for several months, resulting in the rescuing of 85 children and hundreds of arrests, Task Force Argos expends considerable effort to protect children on-line by researching contemporary technology to effectively target on-line predators.

Founded in 1997, the unit’s original charter was to investigate institutional child abuse allegations arising from the Forde Inquiry.

The unit's name was derived from Greek mythology, in which Argus Panoptes, or Argos, was a primordial "all seeing" giant with multiple eyes, guardian of the goddess Io.

Task Force Argos officers infiltrated the international child sex offender network who were trading images and videos depicting the violent sexual abuse of children.

The completion of Operation Achilles and its associated sub-operations around the world resulted in the removal of more than 60 children from sexually abusive situations, the arrest of 22 network members globally and the closure of four commercial child exploitation websites.Task Force Argos identified potential threats to children in online chat rooms, where sexual predators were grooming children and recruiting them to engage in sexual activity.In March 2002, Argos began an undercover operation against a person whom they had discovered in a chat room seeking underage girls for sex.Knowing how firefighters and police risk their lives each day and go to the aid of strangers, Fila said he is angered by people whose first thoughts are to film horrific events instead of stepping in to help.11, 2001 terrorist attacks against America at the ' Morris County Remembers' 9/11 Service at the Morris County September 11th Memorial.Task Force Argos formed an alliance with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a lengthy covert operation that smashed a sophisticated international network of online offenders responsible distributing and creating on-demand graphic, child exploitation material.

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