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, who received the prestigious Naoki Award for his novel "GO".

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This time I'm strongly motivated to show a different type of action entertainment from what I've previously done in dramas and movies.

But because this drama demands such high standards, it takes longer than usual for an OK take, and every day I'm losing my confidence.(laughs) And Shun Oguri's action moves are fantastic.

I think this is such a large scale project that normally it would be difficult to broadcast on golden time TV, so I am grateful to Kansai TV for dramatizing it.

Ever since I first heard of the outline of this plan, I wanted to be a part of it, but I thought that it was too difficult to realize and had almost given up.

Inami tackles criminals with showy maneuvers, while Tamaru corners criminals with calm and cool calculation.

While they are of two totally different types, both have superior combat skills, mental acumen, and sense of justice." For Shun Oguri and Kazuki Kaneshiro it has long been in planning.Their passion has helped them overcome difficulties in realizing this drama.I think the audience will be able to connect with the special investigation team as they struggle to accomplish all kinds of seemingly impossible tasks. Oguri's debut role was playing the bullied and abused child Noboru Yoshikawa from the drama Great Teacher Onizuka in 1998, when he was about sixteen years old.So I am really thankful to all involved that we have come this far.

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