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That’s according to Cassidy Ardelean, the marketing manager at New Friends Memory Care and Assisted Living in Kalamazoo, where 60 seniors live.“We have people that have been living on their own and don’t get hardly any socialization.

I thought that it was fabulous that the senior center did this for us.” Gordon marked “Yes” for all 12 women.

He says "the fact that the evenings and days are long and boring” is what brought him out.

It’s Gordon's sincere hope that he will gain a companion, but, if nothing else, some new friends.

NPR executives have been known to brag that theirs is just about the only news organization to show up in people’s personal ads.

Being overweight can raise your blood pressure, cholesterol and risk for developing diabetes.

Instead, he was interested in learning more about the hippocampus, a part of the brain that's heavily involved in memory.

And then when they come live us and you get all that community and the support and relationship-building, you make friendships," Ardelean says.

"They actually seem to kind of blossom, come out of their shell. They have something to look forward to every day, so it really brings them out of their shell and perks them up a lot.” Loneliness, isolation harms A 2011 survey of 350 seniors living in Kalamazoo County showed 29 percent of them reported feeling lonely or isolated. The results were part of the Kalamazoo County Senior Growth Needs Assessment.

For example: “I am in need of some intelligent male company…I am an avid reader, , talkative, curious and always up for trying something new.” Media companies salivate over that kind of loyalty and identification with the brand.

“People not only have an affinity for NPR but an affinity for each other, as listeners,” Kinsey Wilson, NPR’s general manager of digital media told me.

“We’re the only news organization where public trust has increased over the last decade.” While there is as yet no dating site for public radio nerds — though Wilson said the idea come up — his development team recently whipped up a way for listeners to show off their support and discover friends with similar passions.

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