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She was apparently well known to engineers at the BBC. I believe she was picked as she had won a Miss BBC competition.* [Further update:] Lynn came third in a Miss Great Britain contest shown on TV and this may have been the way she got the job of posing for the chart (which must have come in to use around 1976/77 at the earliest). One of the most popular faces in the broadcast industry, but hardly anybody knows her name. ISO 12233 Test Chart, for which you may need an SVG Viewer. High-quality reproductions of the Indian Head Test Pattern are now available.

Martin Ellen wrote in to say,"This is the famous BBC 61A 'Flesh Tone Reference Chart'described in great detail here." Dave Buckley is quoted as saying, "The young lady on the make-up chart was a secretary in TV Training Department (then based at Woodstock Grove, subsequently Elstree Centre where we were the first department to move in) during the 1970's. They have been derived from the original artwork, and they look great!

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But it wasn't that easy -- the adjustments interacted with each other, so it was all but impossible to make a perfect picture, especially if the cameras hadn't warmed up yet. ") Read all about the EBS Authenticator Word List, which was standard equipment at every broadcast station, 35 years ago, along with a number of other old EBS documents.

Also included, at no additional charge, is speculation on my part about some potentially annoying features to be included in the next generation of digital TV broadcasting.

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In the 1970s, if your color cameras had registration problems, the ball chart would show them to you.

You see, the cameras had separate tubes for red, green and blue (RGB).

Chuck Pharis really did a good bit of work restoring them.

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