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We do not have these identifiers for all hosts and guests and therefore cannot guarantee that we have conducted a check on every host or guest.In addition, we are not conducting these checks on additional guests staying with the guest who books an accommodation.You should always exercise your own judgment about whom to interact with and follow other sensible safety tips.

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In this case, only the guest who books that accommodation will be checked as part of that booking, when we have the necessary information.

Even where we have the necessary information, these checks only work where the users have accurately given us their full, correct legal name and date of birth.

Although background checks may help us identify past criminal conduct where records are available, they have several limitations, and do not guarantee that all past criminal conduct has been identified or that a person won’t break the law in the future. The scope of our search is limited We only run these checks on U.

S.-based guests and hosts when we have at least the user’s first and last name plus date of birth.

S.-based guests and hosts where we have at least an accurate first and last name plus date of birth.

If we have that information, we submit it to one of our approved background check providers, which checks the user’s identity against public records of convictions and sex offender registries.

You should also not rely on background checks as a replacement for exercising your own judgment about whom to interact with or as a replacement for following sensible safety tips.

Type your destination or hostel name and dates (optional) in the search box at the top of any page of the website and click the Search button.

Then select the hostel of your choice from the search results provided by clicking on the name of the hostel or the View details button this will take you to the Preview tab of the hostel page.

You can also view the hostels on a map by clicking on Map view.

Lastly, because of differences in foreign laws, language, and the manner in which foreign records are maintained and reported, we may not run background checks on users located outside the United States, and even if we do, the scope and accuracy of coverage may vary. Search results may be incomplete The databases we check are not necessarily complete, and may not include records of prior criminal conduct.

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