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People are hungry for relationship answers on how to find and make sense out of love.

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Her character shoots her two-timing boyfriend, who then comes back for revenge and aims a gun at her.

In an interview with The New York Post, the actress -who's mother was shot and eight years later, lost her brother in a shooting - discussed her emotion while filming that scene.'It’s always challenging when somebody pulls a gun on me [in a scene],' she began.'I saw my mother get shot when I was 15, so I have to double- and triple-check the gun and make sure it’s empty.

She recently married second husband electrical engineer Jay Tucker in a televised special, , on cable channel TLC earlier this summer on June 4.

The do-over marriage is something Nash takes deep pride in.

Nash, a self-described love doctor, further elaborates on , “I talk about love all the time, all day long. And this is what I try to tell people who just want to meet somebody, if you want a hookup, don’t call me.

But if you want something’s that substantial and significant, I’m your girl.” She speaks from experience.

"Ain't Noting Like Sleeping With Your OWN Husband, In Your OWN Bed!

happy to be back at work but...," she captioned a sweet photo of she and her hubby. The homesick actress has been missing her home, her bed and her husband and isn't afraid to admit.

, which premieres on TNT this summer, so the actress is spending a lot of time away from home.

She's been filming in New Orleans, but couldn't wait to share what she's been missing the most while she was away for work.

So, I just decided to put it together in a package and get it to the masses as quickly as I could. ” Nash is among several stars featured in a batch of eight shortform shows, which Yahoo has been pitching to advertisers as a femme-skewing slate. may lag behind other digital platforms on a social cool scale, in traffic it’s only second behind behemoth Google; Yahoo!

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