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He later talks about his relationship with an ex-girlfriend, and another relationship with the male "love of his life" that eventually didn't work out, but that changed him forever.

"The happiest moments of my life were when I was with that boy," Benji recalls.

Right now my room is such a mess because I’m always trying to clean up the kitchen and the living room. We have this huge goal but absolutely no way of getting it done. Has having a dance company always been a dream of yours? What new goals have you set for yourself now that you’ve accomplished your other ones?

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"Wow, didn't think my Mormon Story interview would garner so much attention from the ' outside ' world.

Thanks for all the well wishes y'all," Benji tweeted Monday.

Benji also discusses his past struggles with thoughts of suicide and even the idea of castrating himself and taking reverse-hormonal pills so that he would no longer have any homosexual urges. I would have been willing to just fight it, till I'm old and my sexual drive is gone, and just marry a woman who's a widower, and we'll get married in the temple and it's gonna be awesome. My mom said, 'Maybe you'll just get married when you're 70! I told them, 'This is not of God.' That was the very first time when I thought, 'This may not be the true church.'" Benji decided to leave the Mormon church last year. He then joked, "Would this be a good time to ask for future husband submissions?

"Do you believe that I should be celibate for the rest of my life? " he asked one church advisor, who warned Benji that any traditional marriage to a woman would be doomed, but also told him that a physical relationship with a man was out of the question."I thought, 'You know, here I am, bending over backwards to figure out how to fit in this mold, this cookie-cutter-machinery mold that I was not made into. ;p"" data-reactid="24"While the interview was originally conducted for a Mormon podcast, it's starting to get noticed in the secular sphere.

We’re brothers from another mother, and we go through life together and support each other. What will surprise people about the dance world that you guys are living in during this show? How much of your relationship with Dom Palange will be part of the show?

Two are gay and two are straight on this show, so it’s cool to see how we live as one and how it doesn’t really matter. We’re never really up for the same job, but it does get a little competitive in the house sometimes. In the beginning, we were all pretty good about keeping it together, but everyone kind of gave up. What we have to go through starting this dance company from the ground up with no money — you see the whole process. It’s definitely suspenseful and emotional and also there’s beautiful dancing. Not as much as I wanted to be, because he’s in Miami. He comes in halfway through the season, but I definitely talk about him as much as possible. You really have done so much for as young as you are.Benji weeps; other times, he laughs and shows incredible wit.This interview will break your heart and open your mind at the same time. The interview begins with the formerly closeted dancer talking about his time with Evergreen, an organization set up to "help" Latter-Day Saints overcome their homosexual urges; he reveals that he even started his own Yahoo!Group, when he was 17 years old, for conflicted LDS teens wanting to re-identify as straight.Regardless, Cohen has since taken her claims to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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