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The Express Local DB edition of SQL Server that you have used so far enables you to work with databases that are file).The value of the first part contains the data source to identify the SQL Server that is targeted, which in this case is a Local DB instance of SQL Server 2012.

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Other valid data sources you may come across include points to a database available on the SQL Server you are using. The last part of the connection string has to do with security.

With Integrated Security, the account used by the web server is used to connect to the database.

You can move to another page in the grid by clicking the numbers at the bottom. Click the Edit link for one of the genres, change the name in the text box that has appeared, and click the Update link.

The You didn’t manually write any code to interact with the database in this exercise, but you got a lot of functionality simply by dragging and dropping a database table.

To give you an idea of how this works, here’s a rundown of the events that took place when you requested the Genres page in the browser and then edited a single genre: 1.

You request the page in your browser and the page begins its page life cycle. The folder to reset the theme that is applied to all pages in the Management section.

If you click the Insert link without entering a name or sort order, you’ll get an error.

In this and later chapters you see how to modify the data-bound controls to include validation functionality.

This article will show you how to use Details View control without using of SQLData Source data control.

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