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As it so happens, this announcement comes almost exactly on the 4 anniversary of the founding of this project at Family Tree DNA. Native American Y DNA Haplogroups Haplogroup C is one of two core Native American male haplogroups.Of the two, haplogroup Q is much more prevalent, while haplogroup C is rare.

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There is no fee to join, but there is a $4.95 monthly charge to upgrade to "Network Wide Access" if you want to access multiple Passions Network sites.

Native American Dating Service is a social network that allows Native Americans and people who share a passion for the culture to browse personals and member feeds, instant message, keep dating diaries, and more. A free membership allows a user to create a profile and add a photo, send "winks,"and search for people.

Only some branches of both haplogroup Q and haplogroup C are Native American, with other branches of both haplogroups being Asian and European.

C-P39 is the Native American branch of haplogroup C, and because of its rarity, until now, very little was known. In February 2016, Marie Rundquist created a focused project testing plan to upgrade at least one man from each family line to the full 111 markers along with a Big Y test in order to determine if further differentiation could be achieved in the C-P39 haplogroup lineage.

It’s just so beautiful to see this in black and white – well, green, black and white.

It’s really an amazing accomplishment for citizen scientists to be contributing at this level to the field of genetics. This haplotree suggests that the SNP carried by the gentleman from Appalachia is the oldest, with the other sub-branches descending from their common ancient lineage.I am extremely pleased to provide an update on the Haplogroup C-P39 Native American Y DNA project.Marie Rundquist and I as co-administrators have exciting discoveries to share.The site will also notify a user if he or she receives a "wink" or message from another user.However, you must upgrade to a full membership, to cost of which is revealed after signing up for a free account, in order to actually connect and communicate with other members.Haplogroup C-P39 Sprouts Branches In November 2016, Marie presented preliminary research findings at the International Genetic Genealogy Conference in Houston, Texas, with a final evaluation being completed and submitted to Family Tree DNA for review in March 2017.

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