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'I'm so blessed to have my wife with me through all these years,' he wrote in May.

'It's so great to both have the same hobby and mindset.

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A man has showcased his amazing physical transformation by sharing a set of stunning before after pictures, but instead of touting a special diet or a fitness program, he paid tribute to his loving wife.

Davy Barnes, bodybuilder and CEO of Muscle Tile from Scottsdale, Arizona, proudly took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with his wife Kayla Barnes in 2008 alongside an image of them that was taken this year. So many people are looking for that "right person" or "perfect relationship." 'Well I'm going to tell you one thing, if you really think either of those exist you will be waiting your whole life time because everyone has their faults and there is no perfect relationship.'Davy went on to say that he feels that people give up to easily in relationships — just like they do with working out.

'She has been the perfect life partner during this whole process.

How lucky I am.'And Davy has no problem offering up some relationship advice, recently referencing Gary Chapman's self-help book The Five Love Languages.'One of my wife's love languages is physical touch,' he wrote last week.

The name of the anti-hero John Falcon (Nick Principe) was not a play on the writer's name John Fallon.

The name was chosen by the producers before Fallon was hired to write the screenplay.

'I try to remind guys to always at least give their girl a hug and/or kiss every day because with females that goes a long ways as long as it's genuine!

Alright guys, I actually wanted to post this a long time ago and here it goes finally.

'You can probably all tell from my posts with her that we always have our hands on each other.

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