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Their expertise in the MSDS, registrations, legislations, labelling and transport systems required in the US and Canadian markets is exceptional, and fills us with great confidence.

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When our MSDS documents needed to be upgraded to new regulations, we called KMK Regulatory Services.

They are truly a one-stop-shop, which saved us a lot of time.

Plus, they can answer almost any question relating to regulations and are very knowledgeable on any new regulations coming out.

KMK is great to work with, very prompt—and best of all our material safety data sheets are always up-to-date and always in compliance.

The timeliness and thoroughness of their efforts was terrific and was key to us getting the desired end-product, for our project.

The work that has been put in by the KMK team has been imperative to our company developing in the USA and Canadian markets.

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But any other litigant would have had the courtesy to call or email us, and the oversight would have been fixed - without wasting the Court's, our, and the taxpayers' time and money.

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