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The centerfire cartridge has supplanted the rimfire in all but the smallest cartridge sizes.Excepting some .22 and .17 caliber pistol and rifle cartridges, small-bore shotgun cartridges (intended for pest-control), and a handful of antique, mostly obsolete cartridges, most pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition used today is centerfire.

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The forward portion of some empty cases can be reformed for use as obsolete or wildcat cartridges with similar base configuration.

Modern cartridges larger than .22 caliber are mostly centerfire.

The firearm firing pin crushes this explosive between the cup and an anvil to produce hot gas and a shower of incandescent particles to ignite the powder charge.

Berdan and Boxer cartridge primers are both considered "centerfire" and are interchangeable; the same weapon can fire either Berdan- or Boxer-primed rounds if the cartridge dimensions are the same.

Berdan primers have remained essentially the same functionally to the present day.

Berdan primers are similar to the caps used in the caplock system, being small metal cups with pressure-sensitive explosive in them.

In a Boxer primer, the anvil is a separate stirrup piece that sits inverted in the primer cup providing sufficient resistance to the impact of the firing pin as it indents the cup crushing against the pressure sensitive ignition compound.

The primer pocket in the case head has a single flash-hole in its center.

A centerfire cartridge is a cartridge with a primer located in the center of the cartridge case head.

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