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That ambition has been enabled by two things: oil and absolute monarchs.

The oil was discovered in the 1950s, when the seven former British protectorates that now make up the Emirates were inhabited mainly by nomadic Bedouin tribes and the economy ran on fishing, date-farming and camel-herding.

It would be possible to cultivate fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, and some proteins could be grown in laboratories.

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Just getting there requires traveling more than 34 million miles, a journey that could take nearly nine months.

The average temperature there is 81 degrees below zero (Dubai often tops 100 degrees).

They’re all far from perfect, and Sam’s condition affects each of them in different ways, but they all band together to get through it — and we end up loving them for that.

(Plus, comedian Nik Dodani is charmingly sleazy as Sam’s horndog coworker Zahid.) VIDEOS Atypical — Get a Sneak Peek" href=" target="_self" rel="nofollow" ) makes the whole thing work as Sam.

It has made the country of 9 million people one of the richest in the world per capita.

The monarchs have been in full control since independence in 1971, imposing a vision of modernity that often seems geared toward outdoing the world’s biggest powers — and sometimes themselves. Humankind has no ceiling or border but our imagination.”Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, vice president and prime minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai, attends the opening ceremony of the 28th Arab League Summit meeting in Jordan in March.

His dad Doug (Michael Rapaport) is more laid-back, but aching to find some way to connect with his son.

His track-star sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine) is jaded and sarcastic, and has her own growing pains to go through.

The proposed settlement doesn’t have a firm name yet, but the City of Wisdom is reportedly one possibility.

The plan, which experts say is plausible with enough investment, reflects an ambition that has long distinguished the nation from many of its Middle Eastern neighbors.

Gilchrist’s performance is so strong, in fact, that suffers a bit whenever Sam’s off-screen.

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