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Wilson to inform that her husband was being treated for alcohol poisoning.Wilson's wife had already approved sending a private detective to San Diego to search for her missing husband.

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Presley, according to the story, returned the blank check, so the politico, extremely offended, invented the storyline about Elvis not liking Mexican women.” Who could have imagined that, four decades later, Mexico would be producing more Elvis velvet paintings than any other region in the world…

…not to mention giving us “El Vez, the Mexican Elvis….” 30 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH, in June 1978, BRIAN WILSON was picked up by cops as a vagrant in Balboa Park...

Those beat up bins survived hundreds of live concerts, with both bins and shows dating back to the store's original College Grove location.

Phil Galloway was a fixture at OTR nearly as long as the bins, booking many of those performances and witnessing nearly all of them.

"The cops found him in Balboa Park under a tree with no shoes on, his white pants filthy, obviously a vagrant, with no wallet, no money," according to another Love brother, Stanley.

Wilson was taken by ambulance to nearby Alvarado Hospital and a doctor called Mrs.The El Cajon Boulevard store was a lot smaller but we managed to pull off in-stores with Slayer, Husker Du [and] a lot of punk groups." Long lines and packed aisles were common when bands played OTR, with the largest turnouts greeting the Posies (1991), Mudhoney (1994), the Misfits (1996), Drive Like Jehu (1997) and Rocket From the Crypt (1998).An April 2001 set by the Locust drew, in Galloway 's estimate, over two hundred patrons. Once was when I had the chance to hang out with Elvis Costello, [because] I'm a huge fan.He was quickly supplanted as producer by Bruce Johnston when it became evident that Wilson was incapable – or unwilling – to do the job.Brian Wilson and his wife filed for legal separation in LA Superior Court July 15.Beach Boy Bust, Crucifying Elvis, The Day Nirvana Played OTR (10-24-91), The Day Hendrix Played the Arena (5-24-69) & 50 More Historic Local Concerts 1917-2005 Draft Contents: 1 - More reasons Why Mexicans Hated Elvis 2 - The Day Brian Wilson Got Busted in Balboa Park as a Vagrant (June 1978) 3 - The Day Nirvana Played Off The Record (10-24-91): The Inside Story 4 - The Day Jimi Hendrix Came To Town (5-24-69): The Inside Story 5 - Fifty Historic Local Concerts: 1917 thru 2005 WHY MEXICANS HATED ELVIS!

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