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NC Health Care Information & Communications Alliance The Board members heard a presentation by Holt Anderson of the North Carolina Health Care Information and Communications Alliance in October of 2004.

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A small number of slots would be allocated in the first year for pharmacy students at UNC Chapel Hill who will be in residence at Elizabeth City State University. Chesson is a retired community college president and has extensive experience in education and state government in Raleigh.

Resolutions for NABP The Board proposed three resolutions to take to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and they are attached to and made part of this Annual Report as Appendix B. He has a daughter that is a physician and another daughter who is a pharmacist.

Critical Questions The Board included certain critical questions in the practical exam which, if answered improperly would have harmed the patient.

This would require candidates to sit for a remedial session prior to licensure.

The performance of these questions was considered superior to the prior exam format, which required candidates to move place-to-place and hand write answers on answer sheets.

Board Website The Board's Website continued to improve and included the addition of Public Health Advisories.

This report contains the proceedings of the Board for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2005.

Easley Raleigh, North Carolina Dear Sir: In compliance with Article 4, Section 90-57 of the General Statutes of North Carolina, we are pleased to submit to you and to the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists the One Hundred Twenty-Fourth Annual Report of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

Drug Enforcement Administration (PEA) Statement During this fiscal year, the Drug Enforcement Administration changed their policy regarding dating a prescription order.

Prior to this time DEA had accepted multiple prescriptions for Schedule II drugs written on the same day and marked to be filled on a later date.

Dennis, Vice President Term expires April 30, 2007 R. Work, Executive Director Board's Effort Regarding Sending Prescription Drugs into N. This fiscal year brought a continuation of the Board's enforcement effort against pharmacies sending prescription drugs into North Carolina in violation of state and federal law.

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