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And the evidence they do proclaim is highly subjective.

Consequently, they use the words "may have been achieved," as opposed to "is" achieved.

If it turns out we were created, then this means that there are absolutes, and that everything is NOT relative, because the fact that we have been created (by a Creator) is (or would be), in itself, an absolute truth: whether or not the Creator created us directly from "the dust of the ground" as we are told in Genesis (2:7, 9, 19), or indirectly by selecting and establishing the Laws of nature, and organizing the first self-replicating organisms, and letting them "take their course." Furthermore, if it turns out that God did, in fact, spontaneously create every different life-form that ever existed on this planet within a matter of days -- whether from the dust or ground or not (Gen. In other words, if there is a Creator / God, then He can establish and declare what is right and wrong, and hold us accountable for opposing or ignoring Him or His plans or for violating His moral laws of right and wrong that are said to be "written in their hearts." Romans .

If a DNA molecule were compared to a book, then its genes would be the equivalent to individual (long) words or sentences of that book, and the DNA equivalent to the Book itself, but a living organism is even more complicated than that since it can actually reproduce itself, and because ....

The DNA in living organisms makes molecular machinery (as in complex molecules called polymerase and helicase) that enables it to copy its information.

Therefore, since no one can demonstrate how it happened, or even how the first living cell (somehow and against all odds) got itself started, we are free to make up our own minds regarding who is right and how it occurred, and we should also be free to speak our minds in any public forum without fear of offending those who have (very likely) been brainwashed (and lied to) by the Mass Media to believe something that (based on the "odds" alone) cannot be true -- whether it be in a 5th grade public classroom or while obtaining a Ph. With that said I will openly state that I am among the in the U. who believe that the earth and all of its complex life forms were designed and created by an intelligence far superior to our own, and that the evidence we have, when presented fairly and accurately, overwhelmingly supports Special Creation.

In this regard, Special Creation means that God initiated the creation process, and oversaw it, and literally programmed the DNA of each and every species of life, and also created the first proteins and enzymes from scratch -- as opposed to over millions of years and/or by mistakes or mutations. Or when have they aired any of the numerous Creation Videos?

This complex molecule then must be folded into the correct shape in order for it to become a useful protein. Ribosomes are tiny protein factories that take the information from the RNA and use it to make homochiralic proteins from L-type amino acids.

Proteins are not known to form naturally in slime-pools, oceans, or laboratories, but rather are only made by living organisms. It is also loaded with information, or like a highly ordered and complex program (or book) that is hundreds to thousands of pages long and so far nature, on its own, can't even write a single line of that book.

These genes are (relatively) small portions of chemically coded information that are used to make proteins.

The DNA cannot "decode" itself, but the aid of numerous proteins (that also don't form naturally) to do so.

The popular theory of evolution proposes that the book of life -- with all of its twists and turns and complexity -- wrote itself, without the aid of an intelligence.

Just as amazing, if not more so, is that there are still many University Professors and scientists who have Great Faith in the mysterious power of Nature to create such complex things as living organisms that they can't duplicate. After more than 100 years of proclaiming evolution as an established fact, scientists are now admitting (in a prestigious science journal) that there is no actual evidence that evolution takes place.

And even these (almost always) consist of 50/50 mixtures of L-type (left-handed) and D-type (right-handed) amino acids.

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