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It's hard to remember the days when James Franco was just a teen heartthrob type; now he's turning his hand to everything.

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And no wonder: he's far too handsome to be an honest-to-goodness human being. : Probably Mitchell in Being Human, with an honourable mention for Kili in The Hobbit and a nod of acknowledgement to The Mortal Instruments' one redeeming feature, Turner's Luke Garroway.

So that's a vampire, a dwarf and a werewolf then.

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Bonus points too for those big soulful eyes and expressive eyebrows. If not for HBO's fantasy behemoth we might never have learned about Coster-Waldau, who's overcome the fact that his character is incestuous and (latterly) one-handed to become one of the show's breakout stars.

He's built on that with Mama and Headhunters, and now seems poised for Hollywood domination. Despite being a two-time Oscar winner and leading man for over 20 years, Denzel Washington isn't really the Hollywood type.

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It makes him the perfect foil for Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes, but also the ideal Bilbo and, increasingly, a sex symbol in his own right.

The young, hot dwarf in The Hobbit's company has played just about every supernatural beastie going, up to and including a Romantic poet.

There's a facebook group which suggests that Martin Freeman is made of “jam, kittens and rage”.

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