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We're having an issue where numerous systems are communicating correctly with the e PO server, they have a client task configured to pull DAT file updates daily, their local SADR server is in sync with the master repository on DAT file version numbers, but the systems are still behind several version numbers on the DAT files.

Complex projects are a set of projects that share particular defining characteristics: they are high-tech, capital intensive engineering projects that are of a significant scale, relatively long duration, and require firms to work collaboratively across firm boundaries in project delivery (Davies and Hobday, 2006; Hobday, 1998 ; Miller ., 1995).

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In these, data analytics and visualization using large digital data-sets – along with rapid, informal interaction and exchanges of information – provide the basis for more responsive, flexible and real-time decision-making ().

The information used to make decisions in the management of complex projects is generated and stored digitally.

Asset information is structured, with change managed through digital systems, using relatively hierarchical, asynchronous and sequential processes.

The paper contributes by uncovering limits to flexibility in complex projects where integrity is important.

The users are getting a pop up error message from the Mc Afee Agent Updater stating "Unable to find a valid repository.

As we enter an era of ‘big data’, asset information is becoming a deliverable of complex projects.

These organizations deliver complex projects, rely on digital technologies to manage large data-sets; and use configuration management, a systems engineering approach with mid-20th century origins, to establish and maintain integrity.

In them, configuration management has become more, rather than less, important.

The UK government, for example, is, as a client for built infrastructure, requiring project teams to deliver asset information through building information modelling ( ).

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