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When I signed up for the job, I didn’t know if the pilot was going to get picked up and it’s one of those things where they ask if you would be willing to move to NY and you say, “Sure, I believe in this project… since 1999, I have so many great friends in Los Angeles… ” I always say “look, you can have a great life in both places…

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Charleston, South Carolina is a place I try to get to at least once every year. I think that a lot of times in life when people are running from one thing to the next or you’re working on your job, your willpower is getting depleted and if you are conscious of that and if you have ways to take a step back (like meditation or whatever is right for you) and build that back up, it is really helpful.

HCQ: I majored in history and political science and what I loved about both those majors is that I would go into one class and learn about something, then go into a political science class and learn about the same thing from a different perspective.

as a general thought, we felt it would be great if one day we could put something out there that could help other people out.

Then, when the time was right, we went back and looked at some of that stuff.

HCQ: MC: I try to get out and enjoy NY as much as I can because when this show ends, my life is going to change again. And working out is an important form of meditation for me. that their day or life is better because I was able to impact it in some way. I get a chance to connect to those people that I’ll never get a chance to meet.

So embracing all of the possible life experiences unique to NY gives me a sense of peace. And hopefully, I have made a difference through those different characters I’ve played and stories I have told.

In talking about overlaps, is one of the best things about my job.

I am forced to look at my self personally to understand the human condition.

But let's not neglect the gentlemen--specifically, one gentleman with such suave demeanor and classic good looks, they had to call him Cary: Matt Czuchry.

And if you suspected those twinkling eyes masked a deep intelligence... I've got__two brothers, a sister, two nieces, and a nephew as well__.

It really was a way to express different feelings on life… We wanted to use our own personal life experiences to try and connect with others. We are very similar in a lot of ways, but also very different and that came through in the writing as well. And, with each of those moves, came the biggest rewards.

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