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It was immediately obvious that a new tent could not be gotten as the nearest camping store was miles away down country roads that no sane person would take in the dark.So, in the spirit of cooperation I volunteered to let them sleep in my tent.

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Phil, Jacquee and I arrived at the camp site and as each of us knew what to do to get camp set up we went about our chores and in the matter of an hour had the basics of our temporary home set up, thats when disaster struck.

Phil, after setting up the stove and the washstand had been digging into his equipment for his tent, a two-man dome tent that is honestly ancient compared to our cutting edge self-erecting six-person dome tent.

After a breakfast, and after completing the camp set up Jacquee and left a note for Becky and Phil, packed a small snack and started down this path.

High in the trees, a squirrel chatters and leaps from treetop to treetop.

Becky explained to her boss that they were leaving shortly on a planned camping trip.

Seeing Beckys eyes roll I knew she would have to go in.

His muffled swearing alerted us to something bad and when he emerged from the truck we could see that bad was not the word for it, his tent which had not been stored away correctly after their last camping trip, was so mildewed that its seams had rotted to the point that it was little more than scraps of discolored fabric and though the poles were useable the elastic holding them together had also rotted to the point of non-repair.

While Phil and I tried to find some way to fix the tent so that I was usable, Jacquee set up my tent.

After packing his truck with items hes needed Phil left leaving a trail of dust.

After staying up awhile after Phil left Jacquee and I discusses what we would do in their absence decided wed just finish setting up the camp and maybe take a nice relaxing hike after we finished.

About a half hour into the hike Jacquee stumbled on a large root protruding from the ground; acting quickly I caught Jacquee before she fell.

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