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Of course, had anyone dared to venture an observation about Murray’s legs, nose, hair, weight, anything – they’d have roundly and rightly been shot down.Yet, we continue to talk about female tennis players in terms of their appearance. Absolutely, yes.” Now, a week before Wimbledon 2016, Bartoli is back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The 31-year-old has, we’re told, lost five stone – and many fans have taken to social media to express their ‘shock’ at her dramatic weight loss.

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I’m thinking specifically – though not solely – of Marion Bartoli, the French player who lifted the Wimbledon ladies single’s title in 2013. Presumably, these aren’t the same ‘fans’ who, back in 2013, posted the following on Twitter during and after Bartoli’s Wimbledon victory: have no idea whether Bartoli read any of these comments at the time, or since.

Back then, you might recall, her win was tarnished by a sexism row that sprung up after BBC commentator John Inverdale questioned her ‘attractiveness’. She’s attributed her ‘new figure’ to cutting out the muscle-building diet and exercise required of the gruelling tennis circuit and insisted that she’s not ‘thin’ or ‘starving’.

She says Konta must harness the support of the British crowd and be more aggressive with her groundstrokes if she has to have a shot at Wimbledon glory.

“I think for her the pressure will be difficult to handle.

“All of a sudden, you don’t expect to lose in the first week of a grand slam.

When you’ve won [one], you want to be in the semi-final at least.

hen Andy Murray won the Aegon tennis championships last week, he was universally declared the ‘King of Queens’.

It was a fitting tribute for the man who’d smashed all expectations to claim the tournament title for a record breaking fifth time.

He mused on whether Bartoli’s father had ever told her she was “never going to be much of a looker – a Sharapova – you’re never going to be 5ft 11in, you’re never going to be somebody with long legs, so you have to compensate for that”. That Bartoli has to defend her body at all exposes an imbalance in how we view male and female tennis players.

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