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The TV reboot, from ABC Studios, goes for a gender switch, with a female patient, Barb (Jessica Gunning) and Dr. Written and executive produced by Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, centers on Suzanne, who tries to cut ties with her most overbearing patient, Barb, but is unsuccessful and gains an annoying family member in the process.Shin will play Nick, Suzanne’s half-brother, who’s charming with an unwarranted sense of confidence that’s not backed up by much achievement.

I think that any actor who has the opportunity to work with another actor who has decided to get behind the camera, it’s usually a pretty great experience for that person.

I’ve been such a fan of Forest as an actor for a long time, just as I have Michael Keaton.

We don’t feel like we need to feel the pressure of going first.” But, I don’t know what the decision process was there.

Did you practice much for the dancing in the movie?

Blucas co-stars as the guy Holmes falls for before discovering things aren’t quite what they appear to be on the surface.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is over however loyal fans are still interested in what’s going on with actor Marc Blucas, Buffy's one-time love interest, Riley Finn. I don’t really even watch television, so I can’t really say I was a die hard [fan].But it kind of takes an ego-less environment to have what you have planned - to be able to let go what I’ve worked out in my mind and for the director to say, “Hey, I’m willing to listen ” To be able to elevate something - I’m not saying this well.For Forest, for a filmmaker to be open-minded yet to have a specific vision of what he wants to execute, it’s a fine line.Those were interesting observations for me to make because Forest and I had those discussions.How much do you want to give away versus It’s nothing we ever butt heads about.But hey, the spoils of an actor, you get the opportunity to learn a skill that you normally wouldn’t learn or have access to or have time to go learn.

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