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New area of research One of the joys of working with RAMM’s collection is exploring the less well known groups of objects.

Within this category is our collection of magic lantern slides containing over 4,500 items.

One of the first groups is the slide set on the medieval misericords in Exeter Cathedral.

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You would use the controller to fly the copter around in a circle and have it swoop down to retrieve items or figures with the hook beneath the helicopter. Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. I still have my original gun from the set I had as a kid. Contains shell-firing pistol with attachments: stock, scope, silencer - which all converts into a rifle.

Mattel made several versions, mostly with a rescue theme. Secret message decoder, code book with booby trap, wallet, passport, currency and business cards.

These is a hidden dagger that slides in the one side. Case can be booby trapped to explode (fire a cap) if opened incorrectly - and it will shoot a shell when you press secret trigger.

Originally the case came with a piece of black tape in the inside of each hinge of the case. These were cars that you wound up and let go - when it crashed against something, you could just put them together and start all over again.

-Great Garloo - Clackers, Klick Klacks, Klackers - Zippy Chimp, Mr.

Bim - Johnny Reb Cannon - Inchworm & Ride On Toys - Magnetic Garage or Dollhouse - Frogman US Navy Commando - SSP Racers - Mattel Pull String Yackers - Elly & Andy, Mr & Mrs. You can pull the ring in his shoulder to open and close his hand.

Originally came with "Garloo" medallion, wrist chains, cardboard tray, shoulder pads, palms pads & leopard print loin cloth. My mom wouldn't buy him though, because she thought he was too ugly! A newer version came out that was basically hard plastic balls that won't chip and they were about 1/2 the size of the originals. Over 45 pieces of plastic furniture in various colors came with the house.

I remember one of the original commercials showed Garloo carrying a glass of water to the kid. I only have original 1970s Clackers for sale on my site. There were two different versions that I know of - One with the clear plastic roof and the other without. Mouse House was a two story house, with beds tables, chairs and the Mother & Father mice with night gowns. Mechanism in hand allows him to skate forward when you press switch.

This is a significant achievement, and one that is beyond the normal scope of our daily work.

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