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I didn’t call to get you nervous and I’m not looking to sue you guys or anything – I just need the Imodium to be available again!

Obviously I cannot tell you not to take Imodium AD, but I must caution you that we do not test it in the quantity that you take it in.” Me: “Listen Maam, I love Imodium AD more than anyone out there and I can guarantee that you will never find anyone more loyal to it than me.

It has changed my life and I want to be the spokesperson for you.

” Me: “immodiumabuser (at) yahoo.com” Agent: “Sir, Stop it right now, I don’t believe that. ” Me: “Of course it is, why would I ask you to contact me and give you the wrong email address? Email me while we’re on the phone and I’ll email you back.” Agent: “Sir, are you kidding with me? ” Me: “Maam, I work almost an hour from home…” Agent: “Sir, Please don’t take any more today…” Me: “Maam, I won’t be able to eat lunch if I don’t take anymore.” Agent: “Sir, How many days have you been taking that many? I never would have been able to go to Woodstock in 1994, or college for that matter…” Agent: “Sir, that is not OK.

” Me: “I’m being serious, why would I waste my time to call you if I wasn’t looking for help here? We do not recommend that many pills to be taken for that period of time and we don’t test on that dosage.

I’m not a lunatic – I just want to know when and where I can get my Imodium.” I then filled her in on how I can’t go anywhere without my Imodium, take it 24/7 if I need to leave the house, how this site is a love letter to Imodium AD, and basically how it saved my life and made me a productive citizen. We test on the dosage listed on the back of the box.

Needless to say, her end of the line got a lot quieter. You can be causing internal damage to your organs and…” Me: “Maam, I’m sure I don’t even have internal organs anymore between all the Imodium, the alcohol and everything else – I’m convinced that if you were to X-Ray my body, it would go straight from Esophagus to Anus with nothing in between…” Agent: “Sir, have you taken anything else today?

He shook his head and then he looked at me like I was crazy.

As he sat down to listen to me, he realized that I really was on the phone with them.

Let me just start by saying that the Imodium customer service agent was the absolute coolest and nicest lady ever!

She assured me it wasn’t a recall and that it was a shortage of supply to fill the demand.

Before you even ask – No, I am not a crazy person nor am I a junkie looking for a fix…I’m just a concerned citizen looking for answers.

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