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Suspect was believed to be concealing merchandise on their person.

LP officer was notified and apprehened the assailant.

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Latina femaile was apprehended and taken to the backroom by LP officer.

Suspect was strip searched and multiple pairs of high end womens lingerie was recovered on her person.

Suspect caught on CCTV shoplifiting expensive makeup.

She was apprehended by the LP officer and brought to backroom office for questioning and strip search.

Suspect submitted to full body search as BF watched, and jewelry was recovered from suspects private area.

BF was given option to bail out suspect and reconcile, but decided it would be better for her to learn the hard way.

Suspect thought being questioned by LP officer was all fun and games, until he revealed that the store had hidden cameras. LP officer found merchandise that could not be explained by suspect.

Officer then conducted a fully body search, and jewelry in excess of 00 was found conceald in bra. Strip search then commenced and no further merchandise was found.

She was offered alternative consequences in return for taking LP officers deal. Suspect also attempted to escape from LP office, and then offered to pay for merchandise.

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