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Like Foursquare before it, Meerkat harnesses your Twitter network to do something that Twitter can’t—in this case, mobile live streaming.

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For all the hype, there hasn’t been another Twitter or Foursquare—until this year.

On Friday, SXSW opened to a roar of hype surrounding an app called Meerkat, which had launched just two weeks earlier.

Another threat noted by Bartlett comes from internet "trolls" who try to identify camgirls and ruin their lives just for the fun of it.

He describes one nightmare incident, in which one camgirl, Sarah, was asked to post naked photos of herself on 4chan: one with her first name written somewhere on her body, and another holding a bottle of any medication she was taking.

The move felt a little desperate on Twitter’s part.

Twitter, it turned out, had secretly acquired a live-video app of its own a few months earlier, and was planning to launch it soon.As The New York Times noted, however, cam models performing for a large online audience are sometimes blackmailed or threatened into performing acts they are not comfortable with.If they don't comply, they run the risk of having their real identity exposed to friends and family.The app, called Periscope, is very similar in concept to Meerkat, a source familiar with the product tells me.Twitter apparently felt it had to do something to stop Meerkat from cornering the market before Periscope had a chance.Big spenders are also listed as the cam model's "favorites."Many models also have Amazon-like "wishlists" where fans can go and buy them things, whether it be a breast enlargement or a washing machine.

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