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It was fortuitous, certainly, when Apple opted to use her exuberant, nursery-rhyme simple song "1234" in their i Pod Nano commercial, but it was hardly a case of them donning a blindfold and sticking a pin in the phonebook.

Instead, Apple, like so many others after them, recognised the perky, banjo-imbued appeal of "1234", and their use of the song had a dramatic effect upon sales of Feist's attendant third record, The Reminder.

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I meet Leslie Feist in Central London towards the end of a whistle-stop UK visit that has seen her play The Culture Show and Later... The Canuck singer-songwriter and I have a lengthy talk before she jumps on the Eurostar for Paris, and we begin by discussing her rise and rise.

"If I was Paul Auster I'd probably write a book about it," she says, conflating her ascendancy with the themes of chance that permeate Auster's novels.

"I knew I wanted to play more guitar and I knew I wanted a lot of additional players," Feist says, and sure enough, the gorgeous organic record features flugelhorn, strings, harp, vibraphone and trumpet.

"I wanted us to embrace the mistakes that can sometimes broaden and widen the whole creative process.

"Yeah, the Apple thing was weird," says the singer.

"A bunch of individuals are meandering along their own paths, then all at once they decide to pay attention to your music.

I'm of a mind to ask her how it felt to top Stereogum.com's "Indie Rock Hotties of 2007" list, but Feist seems knows nothing of it.

"I can't believe I beat Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley!

"We put nests of microphones everywhere: up high, down low, in the hallway, outside the windows.

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