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NY Minute Dating organizes speed dating events for men and women of many lifestyles, careers, and backgrounds. At our lesbian speed dating events you could meet up to 15 single women just like you in one evening!

Please check out our SCHEDULE of upcoming events to register for our next lesbian speed dating party.

The tried and tested The West Village has perhaps the richest gay history of all the neighborhoods in New York, and if you’re a lesbian in NYC, sooner or later you are sure to make a tour of this landmark area.

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Get partying If you are tired of doing the rounds of lesbian bars, how about dropping in on at any of the rotating lesbian parties regularly hosted at queer- friendly venues of NYC.

Girls, Girls, Girls hosted on Wednesday Nights at The Metropolitan is a great favorite while, Crème De La Femme and Stiletto hosted every Wednesday is sure to find a place in the appointment books of the most stylish femmes of NYC.

Another popular place for women looking for women is Cattyshack at Park Slope also known as the unofficial lesbian neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Another Park Slope mainstay is Ginger's has the most laid-back crowd of any of the top lesbian bars of this area.

These are hosted by Maggie Collier, known as Maggie C., who has also produced Eden every week at the Union Square Lounge for the past year.

Snapshot is another dance party which happens on Tuesdays at Bar 13 in Union Square.

Choice Cunts hosted by Ellie Conant and That’s My Jam at The Bell House in South Brooklyn are other groovy events if you wish to hook up with lesbians who are as into dancing as you are.

Such parties are not only a fun way to meet lesbian singles but are also good for networking and sometimes can make for a reliable staple if you feel like checking in somewhere.

Men have long been fighting this predicament with which lesbians are now being faced.

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