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In (mainly southern) regions of the United Kingdom a fir tree normally denotes a very similar drink, usually half-and-half lager and cola, like the German Diesel or Krefelder.

The name derives from the Fir Tree, a public house in Oxford where the drink is said to have originated. Polly, Wells refers to shandygaff as "two bottles of beer mixed with ginger beer in a round-bellied jug".

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Sometimes, non-alcoholic beer is used, so the drink has no significant alcohol content.

A common ingredient of these drinks is German-style carbonated lemonade.

A variant is the fir tree top – predominantly lager but with a very small quantity of cola added. In the Netherlands, Sneeuwwitje (Snowwhite) is 7UP or Sprite with a bit of draught pilsner added to create some foam.

A shandygaff is an older British name for beer mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale; the earliest written record of the word dates back to 1853. Australian variant 1/2 and 1/2 Stout and Lemonade (traditionally Coopers Best Extra Stout) In England, Wales and Scotland, a lager top is a lager with a "dash" of lemonade, so that it is effectively the strongest variant of shandy.

In some jurisdictions, the low alcohol content of shandies makes them exempt from laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages.

("beer-based mixed drinks") are popular in Germany.

The regulars really liked the new drink, so it became popular.

In northern Germany, a half-and-half made of Pilsner beer and lemonade is known as an Alster (short for Alsterwasser, German for "Water from the Alster", a river around which the city of Hamburg is situated).

In France a 50/50 mix of lager and carbonated lemonade with a dash of Grenadine is called a "Bière Monaco".

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