Lagos nigerian dating scam

Don’t be surprised if they are ready to kill a man for a few cents, because they are real moral filths.Don’t feel sorry for them whenever they are caught as they can manipulate human feelings to their advantage. Always note that any serious attempt to verify those claims will always be frustrated.

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Some will go to the extent of bribing security guards in some of the houses being inspected to create the impression that they have access to the whole house and hence are genuine agents.

There is also the visa scam in which unsuspecting members of the public are promised entry into western countries and other economically successful places especially Canada and Australia upon purchase and completion of a form which most times is unconnected to genuine travel and immigration opportunities in the said countries.

However, this scam is not very much in use by scammers these days because information has reached far and wide about them. If you ever receive an e-mail from anyone claiming to have a large amount of money trapped somewhere and soliciting your help in retrieving it that is an example of an e-mail 419 scam.

Eventually, you will be asked to part with some money to cover certain ‘costs’ which is the fee the fraudsters are out to get.

Warning against scammers Scammers cannot be identified by their nationality, tribe or race.

They however can be identified by their behavior and habits which tells you who they really are, Scum.

However for sake of this article it will be known by that name.

Lagos Nigeria scams include; black money scams, lottery scams, phishing, chat room love scams, advanced fee fraud, internet business scams and corporate impersonations.

They aim at unsuspecting tenement seekers hoping that not being thorough enough in their investigation, they could be swindled.

These fraudsters will not stop at anything to trick you.

The sweetheart swindle scam, also known as the Nigerian romance scam is one that focuses on manipulating the emotions of a person who is seeking love online.

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