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And like many marshmallows, she's been burned before, so her exterior may be a bit crispy at times, but on the inside, she's all soft and chewy. I think the metaphor might have gotten lost there, but you get the point.

Is it me or does Kristen Bell's smile border on sarcastic on the cover of Entertainment Weekly's latest issue? Sarcastic in a persnickety teen-detective that's not technically a teen or a detective anymore kind of way.

Next to Bell is Jason Dohring, who is aggressively chomping down on a marshmallow, which may be symbolic of his character's on-again-off-again romance with the title character of the beloved UPN/CW series and soon-to-be movie. And so does Veronica Mars, as Entertainment Weekly reminds us, putting the so-wrong-they're-right TV couple -- Logan and Veronica, or their shipped title Lo Ve -- on the cover of their issue to remind us that the movie is so close, we can almost reach out and grab it. The tasty white confection is representative of Veronica Mars's lead character, who's referred to as -- and refers to herself as -- a marshmallow in the series' first episode.

While their romance did only occur during their later high school and early college years, the two definitely saw their fair share of obstacles: murder, court trials, a different alleged murder, deaths of friends, kidnapping, and a medley of other fun things. We could probably continue to enlist the support of our fans to do so.

Still though, their deep and heartbreaking romance was one the center pieces of the series, and will hopefully continue to be so in the upcoming movie.

DOHRING: He’s definitely more disciplined in his life, which is cool, because I don’t think he could sustain being a good track for very long, and he winds up in a good place when it starts, and then he goes to a bad place, obviously, because it’s a movie and then he meets up with Veronica for a case, and they work together to see if they can get his life straightened out. I mean, obviously he those inside, but is that continued that continued throughout these ten years, or has he moved on? So for every thousand things I did, there was a couple he was questionable on, but we’ve worked our things out. I’ve been hit a couple times, just by a friend who was very upset or push and pull. I was watching some fights leading up to this, ‘cause you see acting fights, and then you see a real fight, and you’re like, “Dude, that’s different. ” And they put one in there, and they put other items that were related to the show. DOHRING: I guess I thought we had a pretty good audience, but I honestly think we have a bigger audience now that the DVDs have come out, and word of mouth and that sort of thing, because we weren’t on the biggest of TV stations starting out.

DOHRING: Both of them have obviously moved on in their own ways, but I think when you have that kind of hard relationship, it always stays. How necessary is it for you to go over the nine years, even if we didn’t see them? When I just do scenes with her — you know, I just love to work with her, and I think that’s what comes through as Veronica/Logan, is just us having a good scene. DOHRING: You know, that’s what the backers paid to see. That’s ugly.” Like, there’s a lot of uncertainty, and in Hollywood it’s just like you hit me, I hit you. I guess just even having older fans and stuff — there’s younger ones, but you’ll get a 70 year old woman that’ll be like, “I used to hate you, but now I don’t.” Okay, cool. That came when we started seeing his father take the belt to him. There couldn’t have been that many people watching us, so having 90,000 people willing to kick in is pretty cool. It’s an opportunity I’ll probably never have again, and very few people have, where you get that fan interaction, and also to redo a project that was so near and dear.

I was asked my age, what I did for a living, why I loved Veronica Mars and what I’d do if I won. I have mentioned the awesomeness of my husband many times before. I still had a my plus one, though, so I thought about who I knew that really loved the show. Sometimes, you just need an expletive.) The lights went down, and the movie began. “We filmed this at am,” she whispered at one point. We have it on film.” When Dax Shepard’s cameo came on, they both giggled and whooped. But the best was during one part with Veronica and Logan (no spoilers from me) when I looked to my left, and there was Kristen with her pretzel. We also got a picture with Dax Shepard: AND I got to meet Martin Starr, aka Bill Haverchuck from Freaks and Geeks. And then, somehow, it was midnight and things were wrapping up.

I gushed, I fangirled, I answered in run-on sentences. And then, when I finally shut up, they told me I was the winner. My cousin Anna was the first person who came to mind. I met Anna at the hotel, and we shrieked and jumped around and basically made total nerds of ourselves in front of the Very Cool Hotel Staff and Patrons. Then we headed off to get our makeup done at a nearby Sephora. Now, again, I wasn’t expecting to actually sit with Kristen Bell. The seating was this: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, ME, ANNA, Jason Dohring and his wife. Then I looked to my right, and there was Anna with Jason Dohring beside her. That’s all I’ll say, because I don’t want to give details. I told him it was just what I wanted, which is the truth, and then we talked a bit about it AND watched the after the credit bonus parts (yes! (I am not making this up, I swear, even though as I am writing it, it FEELS like I must be.) Then we left, and got into the car, and headed to the afterparty. At the party, I also bumped into Jason Dohring again. When I showed these pictures to my husband, he was impressed with all of them. We thanked Erika from Omaze, went back to our hotel, ordered some burgers and onion rings and tried to process everything that happened.

Who would you say you’re the most excited was able to come back, even just for a little cameo? Can you compare the different places that Veronica and Logan are at right now emotionally? Well, they always got in trouble when they were together, so maybe spending some time away was good, but I think he just found more discipline in his life. How does the Kickstarter aspect of this affect your perspective? Look alive out there.” But this one, everybody’s just like, “Yeah! Rob, beyond season three, has been developing the future of Veronica Mars. When you talk to him, you can tell he’s really excited about it.

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