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They cautioned me that it might take several months to arrange a trip.

North Korea periodically admits large groups of American journalists, to witness parades and special occasions, but it is more hesitant when it comes to individual reporters, who require close monitoring and want to talk about the nuclear program.

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Each will move ever closer to the edge, so that the other begins to fear that he might slip and take both of them down.

It is a matter of creating the right amount of fear without losing control.

I submitted a list of people I wanted to interview, including diplomats and Kim Jong Un himself. (Kim has never given an interview.) After Pak stopped laughing, he said I could talk to other officials. Before my arrival in North Korea, I spent time in Washington, Seoul, and Beijing; many people in those places, it turned out, are asking the same things about the United States.

I wanted to understand how North Koreans think about the kind of violence that their country so often threatens. About a week before my flight to Pyongyang, America’s dealings with North Korea deteriorated further.

The office has, among other things, negotiated the release of prisoners and held informal talks about nuclear tensions.

The United States has no diplomatic relations with North Korea, so there is no embassy in Washington, but for years the two countries have relied on the “New York channel,” an office inside North Korea’s mission to the United Nations, to handle the unavoidable parts of our nonexistent relationship.The New York channel consists mostly of two genial middle-aged men: Pak Song Il, a husky diplomat with a gray brush cut; and his aide-de-camp, Kwon Jong Gun, who is younger and thinner. (The North Korean government has diplomats work in pairs, to prevent them from defecting, or being recruited as spies.) Under U. law, they can travel only twenty-five miles from Columbus Circle.Pak and Kwon met me near their office, for lunch at the Palm Too.In the six years since Kim Jong Un assumed power, at the age of twenty-seven, he has tested eighty-four missiles—more than double the number that his father and grandfather tested.Just before Donald Trump took office, in January, he expressed a willingness to wage a “preventive” war in North Korea, a prospect that previous Presidents dismissed because it would risk an enormous loss of life.I was led to a room, where an officer told me that the books are “very disparaging about the D. After some discussion, I was told to write a statement promising “never to bring them to the D. (Citizens over the age of sixteen are expected to wear a badge celebrating at least one of the Kims.) He introduced himself, in English, as Mr. They are organized like a bee colony, where everyone works for one purpose and they would die for it. We understand each other very well.”Pak spends most of his time analyzing American politics and news reports, trying to divine America’s intentions regarding North Korea. of Google, was put up there.) In North Korea, no visitor is left unattended, and Pak had a room down the hall from mine.

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