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Those who are crowned with the title of Campione are humans who through some insane feat of skill and luck have slayed a heretic god that descended upon Earth.

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He has no want for the power or authority granted to him by his newly gained title, but he keeps getting challenged anyway.

As the youngest Campione he is also the weakest, but he is able to survive through his own determination and the powers of the strange harem he seems to be gathering for some reason.

•Monday: 180 Forecast with the Sunday Papers Review with Moipone Malefane.

•Tuesday: 180 Gadgetech with Tony Trollip am (Talking new technologies, gadgets and... Sexual Health topic: How do you deal with the loss of libido or sexual desire in your relationship.

It’s a laid back lifestyle Sunday Morning show laced with good jazz. Being a Sunday the show also feature soul inspired moments every hour. Is your partner always not in the mood for sex, giving excuses?

Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng will be in studio to give valuable advice.So if you’ve had as much difficulty scratching that itch as us, join us as we count down the 6 Anime Like Date A Live!Campione: they who slay gods even though they wear the flesh of humans.They also obtain "Authorities" special powers that are related to the gods they slay.Kusanagi Godou has become one such Campione purely by chance.Demi Lovato chatted in a new interview about her new album, ' Demi,' and revealed what it felt like to be dumped by Joe Jonas.

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