Kathryn bernardo and albie casino dating

Behind the Scenes Author's note: What if our dear Albie Casino and Kathryn Bernardo are already developing mutual feelings for each other without the knowledge of everyone except those in Mara Clara set and of course, the people close to them? Kathryn found Albie a little bit cocky and no matter what she does, she couldn't relate to Albie, while Albie found Kathryn way too young for his taste and no matter how he tries to relate with Kath, he just couldn't see the spark between them. Akala ko naman kasi nagbibiro ka lang kanina when you texted and asked kung anong food gusto ko… "Jhong: "Hindi naman pala para sa atin 'to eh."Mylene: "Mukhang mauuna pang magka-love life 'tong si Albie kesa kay Christian ah! Taping for that day was over and their director has announced it was time for pack up."Uuwi ka na ba, Kath? "Wag na, nakakahiya naman sa'yo." Kath tried to decline Albie's offer, but Albie insisted.

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In one of his interviews, he hinted that he was indeed not the father of Ellie, but he was not in a position to say anything more.

Moreover, he opted to remain quiet so as not to affect the child.

One claim is that when Eigenmann and Casino broke up, Ejercito came into the picture and became the boyfriend of Eigenmann. With Ejercito far away, Eigenmann allegedly went back to Casino even though she and Ejercito had no formal breakup. When Casino was pointed at as the father, the actor immediately denied the claim.

Casino was around 18 years old at that time and was being touted as the next big talent of his network.

Jose was caught on video talking about how the Ejercitos might not want her daughter for the unico hijo because Eigenmann was a single mom. As Ellie was growing up, netizens were surprised at how Ejercito would dote on the child.

He would bring her to places and develop closeness.

However, looking at the bright side, other netizens claim that had Casino remained visible, Daniel Padilla would have never been partnered with Kathryn Bernardo, and Kath Niel would have never happened.

Now that the cat is out of the bad, so to speak, the public is waiting for a statement coming from Eigenmann herself.

Eigenmann was already being noticed for her acting talent and trusted with projects where she was the lead actress.

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