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Pas az chande dar zindagi e pidar sipare shud, saabiqa chun Fateh Khan 2.

After some time during his father’s time (he) passed away. Pisare Ambar ba wa seelae Yaminuddoulah Asif Khan arzah dasht mehtawe bar 3.

Mughal history is filled with deceit, hatred, killing, loot and [email protected] even among family members. Confession of Crime of Converting Taj Mahal Temple into tomb in Shah Jahan’s Own Badshahnama Persian script may follow the line-by-line transcript in the Roman script and later the line-by-line rendering in English.

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And he with all the splendour and glory and fanfare accompanied by his son 17.

Kalane Khood ba rasme peshkash usaal numayad ta multimassate oo, izze qubul yabad 17.

lqbale ra ke ba daroone hisare Dowlatabaad burdeh az quillat-e-aazooqah (supplies) zaayai khwahand 15.

That the confessor be taken inside Daulatabad fort and starved to death. Shud aan ra ba nafais jawahar wa murasseh alat-e-be-nizam hamrahe-pisare 16.

Son of Ambar through Yaminuddaulah Asafkhan had submitted a petition 4.

Dowlat khwahi wa hawa jooee firistadah maarooz dashta bood keh ein 4.

Before believing in the “fabulous mausoleum” theory, two questions may be asked.

Firstly, where are the historical records describing Shahjahan’s romantic attachment to Mumtaz – one of his 5,000 consorts, prior to her death ?

Loyal servant full of sincerity requests that because the shortsightedness and cruelty 6.

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