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This caused him to intentionally run into towers 2 times, and then run into 1 on 4's 4 times. Kievik: ekoo literally running into 4 on 1s and dieng Kievik: my attitude? and im actually playing the game Kievik: wtf are you talking about Kievik: ekko is feeding, but youre bitching at me Kievik: wtf Kievik: mute all Kievik: youre a jungler Kievik: go farm jungle Kievik: i dont need your help pushing ffs Kievik: pls report this ekko Kievik: our jg is 1/7 Kievik: its gg Kievik: ekko is following me around taking my farm Kievik: and inting Kievik: hes trolling Kievik: clearly you dont know how this game works lux Kievik: cs = gold . lol Kievik: gg Game 2 Kievik: basically I have to play like a pussy all game. I submitted a ticket, and just got a copy paste answer that I've seen posted on these boards.


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As police continue their investigation in search of other possible victims, Pierce has admitted to having sex with Edwards despite her pleas for help as other men looked on.

Pierce would would also say he and others beat Edwards to death before putting her body in a garbage bag and dumping it.

he did this multiple times, so I asked him to stop.

When he continued, I went to the jungle and took 2 camps. Kievik: i farmed jungle cuz he farmed my lane Kievik: im not bronze, check boi Kievik: i have the 2nd most farm.. kills = objectives Kievik: cool dude, youre also toxic Kievik: and stealing farm as a support Kievik: l2p Kievik: and your mmr isnt higher. genius Kievik: lmao Kievik: youre bronze 1 lux Kievik: lmfao Kievik: stfu kid Kievik: urgot.. 3 more deaths than me Kievik: dont preach to me about "getting caught" Kievik: im just asking him to STOP STEALING MY FARM AND INTING Kievik: omg how hard is that Kievik: like why am i getting yelled at for asking someone to try Kievik: ffs Kievik: 32 minutes in our adc doesnt even have 100 cs Kievik: the game is over Kievik: what?

This guy picks Taric Jungle, and another person picks Casseopia support to troll the Taric pick. Casseopia, with his botlane partner MF, begins to flame the Taric for "trolling" despite him being the cause of our lead, and then begin to swear at me for defending taric and asking them to play. I cannot understand what I did, or said that was SOOOOOOOO Serious to warrant me skipping 2 ban phases, while both players - One who troll picked Casseopia, and flamed ALL GAME, with homophobic slurs - Ekko who intentionally ran into towers multiple times, fed intentionally, and admitted to it on chat. Game 1 Kievik: 2 mid Kievik: and j Kievik: dont solo shove bot Kievik: ur a support man Kievik: youre expsoing yourself to ganks and youre taking farm you dont need Kievik: 0/1 ekko with no damage needs blue? im the one sitting around complaining and feeding Kievik: nah thats you fam Kievik: muted. I don't understand how this warranted me skipping 2 tiers of punishment. en_US#na) **Culture** This board is all about fostering a healthy community in which discussions can revolve around player behavior systems or in-game suspensions.

k Kievik: ekko farm you rjungle Kievik: ffs Kievik: k play that way Kievik: hes just inting Kievik: i wont stop... Kievik: and all hes done is complain Kievik: always someone elses fault Kievik: thats why hes 32 and works at starbucks. Kievik: its not optimal but im not gonna sit around and bitch and ruin a game Kievik: youre such a buzzkill dude Kievik: i bet youre dope at parties Kievik: literally not even playing, just complaining and complaining Kievik: we were winning the game and Tari was 1-0 and he was like "troll jg wow wtf" Kievik: like okay kid grow up Kievik: because of taric* Kievik: we played league of legends, amazing Kievik: parties arent fun when you have no game Kievik: LOL Kievik: ty Kievik: lmao. This includes topics on how the systems work, insight into why players were punished, and advice to help players improve moving forward.

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