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He suddenly gets a stomachache and he ends up going to the hospital.

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Will they be able to change their unfortunate destiny?

.--KBS World Woo Jin is 35 years old and his life is filled with failures.

Because of Yoo Mi, the restaurant owner's feisty character, there are no customers.

One day, Kyung Pyo comes to this restaurant and he tries his best to spread the word that Yoo Mi's curry restarant is good.

Tae Suk who is a student of a prestigious university accidentally kills Mina who's a gold digger.

Tae Suk's father is about to run for councilman election and asks Lawyer Kim Hyun Soo to take care of the murder.

Then he tries to make up with her by asking her out to a date but he faces an unexpected truth.--KBS World Man Bok lost her real parents and is living with her adoptive family. Man Bok's family finds out about this and goes to find her at the wedding hall.--KBS World A female slave or woman of a private home who was paid for mourning at funerals is called a dirge singer.

The family members treat her like their real daughter and sister so Man Bok doesn't feel lonely at all. One day, she sees a singer sing a song her mom used to sing for her on TV and thinks the person who gave the song to the singer is her real father. The man Manbok meets in Chuncheon has all the aspects of a perfect father but he doesn't seem to recognize Man Bok. Dan Geum is a dirge singer but her daughter Yun Shim doesn't want to be one because she would have to mourn and lament for her life.

Yoon Soo is born out of wedlock and is angry at his life as he cannot do anything because of his position.

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