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If not, however, I caution you, do not touch this movie or it will contaminate you for life!

This "continuing story" has none of the beauty and vivacity of the former films.

We loved Avonlea and Prince Edward Island, because they provided simple and natural backdrops, allowing the talent of the actors to shine through.

When I heard that there was going to be a "continuing story" my mind automatically filled with images of Anne and Gilbert's joyful wedding at Green Gables, and of their "house of dreams" and their many children.

When I heard that it was to be nothing like the book, I could hardly contain my disappointment! Other reviewers have complained that their visions of Anne have been ruined forever.

Nigdy nie myślał o tym, żeby zostać aktorem, ale został zauważony w przedstawieniu Czarnoksiężnik z Krainy Oz w szkole Lawrence Park przez reżyserkę Diane Polley.

To właśnie ona zarekomendowała 17-letniego Jonathana do roli Gilberta Blythe w ekranizacji Ani z Zielonego Wzgórza, która przyniosła mu największą popularność i sympatię widzów.

It often seems to me that screenwriters don't read, or do research when dealing with literary subjects!

I'm sorry that they didn't give Megan Fellows better material. Ps: Diana's husband Fred Wright was a pleasant, down-to-earth farmer in the Anne books.

I did not have this problem, because I have an imagination that allows me to "imagine things differently from what they are." This movie was so unlike Anne of Green Gables, in storyline, setting, and characters, that it had no effect on my longterm enjoyment of the first two films.

If your curiosity cannot be contained, and you simply must risk it, then by all means, watch this film.

Jego głównym rywalem do tej roli był Jason Priestley. Wielokrotnie występował na Stratford Festival Theatre. W 1997 roku został nominowany do Dora Mavor Moore Award za rolę w sztuce Arcadia Toma Stopparda, wystawianej przez Canadian Stage Company.

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