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10by10 is building a unique marketplace in the recruiting agency industry for recruiters to match engineers with jobs.

Recruiting agencies have relationships with proven experienced engineers that you can't find in self-service job boards.

Just as Docker containers are the standard unit of compute, Quilt packages will become the standard unit of data.

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Our first product is a sonar bracelet enabling the blind to feel the obstacles around them and empowering them to move freely.

We help commercial insurance brokers structure complicated deals.

We operate in over 500 airports worldwide and help with departures and connections too.

Sunfolding builds next generation infrastructure for solar farms.

A hardware device for senior care to allow them to age in place and their loved ones can know they are safe.

Using wireless signals and sensor fusion, our system detects activities and falls in a home without the user having to wear anything.

The user can book any motorcycle in 30 cites across India through our platform.

User can compare bikes on the basis of location and reviews.

dahmakan is the fastest growing food delivery startup in South-East Asia.

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