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In the future, he participates in a mission with John of freeing Skynet's prisoners from one of its concentration camps, Century, including Kyle Reese.

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During a meeting with FBI Special Agent James Ellison in a deleted scene of the episode "The Turk", it is implied that Carlos also forged identification and allied documents for Derek Reese and his unit at some point after their arrival from 2027.

Carlos' gang are brutally slaughtered by Margos Sarkissian's men.

Cameron suggests the novel after finding it on a shelf in their furnished home and reminding Sarah that it was John's favorite book as a child.

Father Armando Bonilla, portrayed by Carlos Sanz, is a priest to whose church Sarah and John Connor fled in the episode "Samson and Delilah", escaping from a malfunctioning Cameron.

During the stand-off, Felicia's own abusive husband steps in and coarsely orders Felicia to stand down.

Overwhelmed, Felicia shoots and kills him and watches as Sarah and Derek leave.Carter, portrayed by Brian Bloom, is a Terminator, whose model type is unknown, that was sent back in time to 2007 by Skynet to acquire and store a large amount of Coltan, the metal used to construct Terminators, in the episode "Heavy Metal".Carter hires various human military personnel, who are unaware of what he truly is, to assist him in his assignment.After a failed attempt to remove the bullet from Sarah's thigh, they sneak into a hospital morgue where Felicia successfully removes it.After the operation, Derek Reese enters the room, and thinking him to be Sarah's abusive boyfriend, Felicia pulls a gun on Derek.He provides sanctuary to the Connors while they prepare a booby trap for Cameron as it is very likely that it will be able track them down.

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