Jet setter dating

“Most of the men, who are usually a little older than I am, are successful business men who are tired of travelling alone and have enough funds to be able to share their trip with me.“But I always put my safety first, I insist on skyping and always ask to see their ID before we arrange to meet, but every guy I have met has been a true gentleman.Natalie Wood, 30, from Canterbury, Kent, joined dating site, Miss Travel, two years ago and has since been flown around the world by strangers she’s never met.

“The dating scene in New York is too aggressive for me,” he explains.

“I travel a lot and I’m more drawn to the effortless sophistication of European women.

“My dream would be to open my own spa, and as I have been travelling I have taken inspiration from the countries I have visited, I now have so many ideas that I would love to put into practice.

“I would love to fall in love and marry an international business man but, until I do, I will carry on using Miss Travel.

“I like the finer things in life and this lifestyle allows me to have them.” After joining Miss Travel two years ago, Natalie has since been flown around the world to places she never dreamed of visiting.

In June, Natalie travelled to Kuwait to meet an international accountant who invited her to his home country to explore.

“I am honest about what I am looking for, I am single and enjoy meeting new people and being spoilt.

“I love to tick off different countries around the world, I enjoy luxury cars, yachts, hot weather and the trips that I am going on are only getting better.

Single jetsetter Natalie Wood (left in the Maldives and right in Abu Dhabi) who is whisked around the world for free by rich strangers she meets online insists she's not a gold digger and is simply a 'luxury traveller'As well as paying for her flights and accommodation, the men give Ms Wood spending money for designer goods and take her in flash cars and yachts to extravagant parties.

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