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They may have bonded over the whole idea of parenthood by then. Please come and join in the LIVE discussion on our Facebook Page.On the other hand, Jade could have somebody else’s bun in the oven.

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Since Haugh debuts in early 2017 and Searcy exits in the same time frame, it makes sense that Haugh is taking over for Searcy.

Jade has received mixed reviews from Days of Our Lives viewers so far.

She’s already finished filming her final scenes and her last appearance will be in early 2017.

Naturally, that news has led to a lot of speculation about what’s ahead for the character.

It’ll be a slight reboot without having to start from scratch.

As for Joey and Jade’s future, it’s tough to say what’s next.In July 2009, Carly saves Claudia after a car accident, but the stress of that causes Carly to faint, but again her and the baby turn out to be fine.After having a dream sequence, on October 5, about her unborn child, Carly decides to name her child Josslyn John.Those options are certainly possible, but there’s a good chance Jade won’t leave town in despair. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that an actress named Gabrielle Haugh has joined the cast as an unrevealed character.Haugh will join the younger group and it’s been confirmed that she’s indeed a recast of someone.Many DOOL fans have been throwing around the miscarriage idea.

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