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In the current series, he appears alongside an all-star Survivor cast, including Oscar 'Ozzy' Lusth, Brad Culpepper and Cirie Fields.

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For his combined humanitarian efforts to spread HIV education throughout Africa via soccer teams for youth and young adults, Zohn received the Courage of Conscience Award from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

As part of the Boran tribe, Zohn did not become an immediate target in the game; he was seen as a strong player who could potentially help to win many tribal immunities.

Survivor star Zeke Smith has revealed he is transgender.

The 29-year-old is competing in the current Game Changers series after becoming a fan favorite on the last season, Millennials vs Gen X.

In his introduction video on season 33 of Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X, Zeke says he came out as gay at the age of 15.

In the new issue of People, it is reported he transitioned from a woman to a man while he studied religion at Harvard University.'When you tell people you're trans, you get two reactions: Either they look at you funny and pull back, or they go, 'Aww, that must be so hard,'' he said.'I'm a goofy, fun-loving guy, so neither of those reactions work well for me.' During the Wednesday night episode, the as-yet-unnamed competitor tries to paint Zeke as 'deceitful' for not being forthcoming about being transgender.He tells the publication he felt depressed during his transition and decided to set his sights on competing in Survivor in the hope of becoming 'the man I wanted to be'.He did not reveal if he is attracted to men or women.The reveal has sparked an entirely new layer of surprise for Survivor fans who follow Zeke's every move.

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