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Children of Bodom tour the world with their warm-up act, Nipples, the breakdancing monkey, and various satanic polka bands on different tours.

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Dyslexi (sometimes called Alexi), who inherited and was named for his father's dyslexia, even though that is impossible, was sent to live with a French prostitute known only as Laho, from whom he took his last name.

His foster mother, using her magical powers, was able to place him in a boarding school for musicians at age 6.

Janne then vowed to master the instrument and become world famous so his other father would come back to him. Roope, the current rhythm ukulele player, who replaced Alexander, was aptly named, as he was adopted by a family of midgets, who used him as the "rope" to hoist them up to places they otherwise couldn't go.

He joined the band Scone at a very young age, but later quit. One day Alexi randomly remembered his brothers and looked them all up on Myspace.

Upon joining the band, Jaska had no musical experience or talents other than to hit a bowl with a spoon when he was hungry.

Realizing his one skill, Henkka eventually gave him a pair of bongos so he doesn't have to get off his ass to be brutal.

Janne was adopted by a homosexual Viking couple, Asbjorn and Thorsteinn Warman, who got together while being alone for weeks on a boat sailing to Norway.

Janne's second father Thorsteinn divorced Asbjorn to become a Christian (he abandoned the Old Ways eventually) and disappeared from Janne's life, leaving him only a xylophone to remember him by.

Shiterly failed to understand Metal Jesus's instructions (he had many spelling errors in the letter, and had dyslexia as a child as well, which passed on to one of their children, Dyslexi), and ended up traveling to Sweden instead, where she was nearly pwned by a Grue but survived because Metal Jesus willed it (he wasn't willing for her to die yet, and thought finding another vessel would be a pain).

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